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Wanita Ini Nekat Bercinta Dengan Bocah 14 Tahun

Jika nafsu sudah membara, apa pun akan dilakukan demi menuntaskan nafsu tersebut. Hal inilah yang baru saja dilakukan perempuan yang bekerja sebagai pembantu di Singapura.

Pembantu ini usianya 28 tahun, tapi nekat bercinta dengan anak majikannya yang masih berusia 14 tahun.

Dilansir STOMP, 23 September 2015, perempuan ini pun diganjar hukuman penjara selama 10 bulan.

Tenaga Kerja Wanita (TKW) yang bekerja sebagai pembantu ini berasal dari Indonesia. Ia mengaku sudah menuntaskan nafsunya dengan bercinta dengan anak majikannya di rumah, pada 5 September lalu.

TKW ini datang ke Singapura pada akhir Juni tahun ini dan mulai bekerja untuk keluarga anak itu pada 3 Juli. Sekitar 07:00 waktu setempat pada 5 September, anak itu berada di rumah dengan wanita lain dan si pembantu.

Orang tua dan paman si anak telah pergi. Anak itu kemudian bermain kartu dengan si pembantu.

Singkat cerita, kemudian si anak pergi ke kamar. Sekitar satu menit kemudian, si pembantu itu datang ke kamarnya.

Saat si anak duduk di kursi depan meja komputer, si pembantu datang dari belakang dan mencium pipi hingga lehernya.

Si anak berusaha untuk kabur dengan berjalan ke arah pintu.

Namun, pembantu ini tampaknya sudah tak bisa menahan nafsu yang menggunung.

Sebelum si anak kabur, pembantu ini memeluknya dan mulai melucuti celana pendek dan celana dalam si anak.

Si anak pun hanya bisa pasrah ketika si pembantu makin beringas melampiaskan nafsunya. Kemudian, si pembantu membawa anak itu ke sebuah kasur dan bercinta.

Kasus ini akhirnya terungkap, dan pengadilan setempat menjatuhkan hukuman penjara selama 10 bulan kepada si pembantu.

Selain dihukum karena telah berhubungan intim dengan anak di bawah umur, si pembantu juga terancam dapat hukuman tambahan yang lebih berat.

Pasalnya, ternyata dalam persidangan, terkuak si pembantu memilliki penyakit menular seks.

International students are a formidable presence in this country and a resource that we should be grateful to have.

International Education Week Rolled

November is a time when we Americans are thankful and celebrate with family and friends. Many of the guests around American Thanksgiving tables this year will be international students visiting the U.S. on exchange programs, study abroad, and other educational visits. International students are a formidable presence in this country and a resource that we should be grateful to have.

As International Education Week rolled out on November 12, an important annual report was released on global education trends, called "Open Doors." Compiled by the Institute of International Education, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit, the survey provides a window onto the world through the lens of numbers of international students coming to the United States (and numbers of American students going abroad).

In an era of competitiveness, these numbers matter. Many Americans may be shocked to learn that the presence of international students in the United States generates about $22 billion from tuition, living expenses, and other educational receipts each year.

The "Open Doors" report is a barometer of foreign interest in studying in American colleges and universities. According to the new document, 2012-2013 saw an increase in international students in the U.S. of 7.2 percent, to 819,644 students from 764,495 students in 2011-2012.

Last year's numbers had represented a 5.7 percent increase over the 2010-2011 tallies. The number of international students in the U.S. has risen nearly 40 percent over the past decade.

Sadly, the number of U.S. students who choose to go abroad, often in their junior year, pales in comparison to inbound students. In the 2011-2012 academic year, a record high 283,332 U.S. students studied abroad, an increase of 3.4 percent over the previous year.

Beyond Economics

The impacts of studying abroad go far deeper than just economics. In addition to attending college programs, young people often come to the U.S. as teenagers on summer programs or high school exchanges and then go back to their home countries enamored with America and empowered to work in their local communities on vital issues that affect all of us like climate change, poverty, extremism, health, and peace. Young people everywhere crave knowledge about the world and ways to turn that knowledge into meaningful action.

Programs for international students tend to emphasize community service, and many require volunteer hours for participants. Since volunteering isn't a custom everywhere, many international students tend to do their first service in the U.S., often alongside Americans. They see civic responsibility models in action, which inspires them to do something when they go home.

As adults later, those same kids who came to the U.S. often start nonprofits or foundations, or become leaders of companies or in government—and remain friendly to America. The peacebuilding work these people learned on exchange programs can make the difference on critical issues that affect their home communities or conflict with other countries.

Positive Examples

Here are a few examples of young people who came to America as high school students for short-term exchanges and programs—two to five weeks—and then returned home to make a difference:

• In Brazil, 18-year-old Renato has started an organization called React and Change, a youth-led organization committed to combatting gender inequality and youth apathy.

• In Serbia, Ester, Maja, and Zsuzsanna raised money at a music event to build a new children's wing at their local hospital.

• In Iraq, Saif, Salah, and Mina organized literacy and environmental awareness projects in elementary schools.

• In Mexico, Karla and Gustavo organized workshops on bullying and self-esteem for peers, in an effort to reduce youth violence and drug use.

• In Libya, 17-year-old Amera is giving workshops on breast cancer and women's health.

Experiential learning through exchanges has resulted in a worldwide network of such individuals and organizations, who are committed to leadership and citizenship. At a time when the global, cultural, and language content taught in many schools is dwindling, these exchange programs bring the world into our homes, schools, and communities, enhancing learning and fostering understanding.

These same principles apply to many study abroad experiences. Regardless of what topic students choose—environmental studies, cultural discovery, human rights, language immersion—they all point to experiential learning as the key to building long-term commitments to positive change in society.

Despite the growth of Internet informal education and the attention to MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), students coming to America and American students going overseas, in person, create bonds that expand the global educational process and forge networks that benefit all of us. The face-to-face connections and relationship building is still vital for breaking down stereotypes and building friendships that can last a lifetime.

International students are a blessing, and we thank them for being agents of change and for making the world a bit safer, more prosperous, and more peaceful.

Christina Thomas is the Director of Operations for Youth Programs at World Learning and The Experiment in International Living. Simon Norton is Program Director of World Learning Youth Programs in Vermont. World Learning is a global organization working in 60 countries to empower a new generation of global leaders through study abroad and exchange programs.

Aboriginal Tours, Art Galleries and Cultures centres

There are some truly wonderful tours, art and cultural centres that explore Australian Aboriginal culture, both in Sydney and throughout New South Wales, exploring traditional lifestyle, music and dance, as well as Bush Tucker, the name for traditional Aboriginal foods. Below is a sampling:


Tribal Warrior

Take an Aboriginal cultural cruise on Sydney Harbour with Tribal Warrior. Tour operators entertain visitors with stories of the Eora, Cadigal, Guringai, Wangal, Gammeraigal and Wallumedegal peoples.

Visitors step ashore on one the islands on Sydney Harbour to experience a traditional welcoming ceremony. You can learn about the Aboriginal names and meanings of significant Sydney landmarks and about traditional fishing methods. Cruises depart Tuesday to Saturday, 12.45pm from the Eastern Pontoon, Circular Quay. The vessels Tribal Warrior and Deerubbun are also available for charter. Bookings are Essential. Phone 02 9699 3491 Tribal Warrior.

Blue Mountains Walkabout

Blue Mountains Walkabout is Aboriginal owned and guided, and it follows the Darug songline through the mountains. Visitors learn by following a traditional walkabout song line. A certain level of fitness is required, the full-day adventure includes challenging bushwalks with plenty of time to relax by crystal clear waterfalls and billabongs.

On the walkabout, you will be able to see traditional cave art and Dreaming stories carved in stone, ochre painting and try traditional bush tucker tasting. Blue Mountains Walkabout.

Yiribana Gallery

Yiribana Gallery, at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney, houses the largest permanent exhibition of indigenous Australian and Torres Strait Islander artwork in the world. Tours of Yiribana are conducted at 11am daily (except Mondays). Yiribana Gallery.

Gavala Aboriginal Art Gallery

Gavala Aboriginal Art Gallery, located at Darling Harbour in inner Sydney Central, is an Aboriginal-owned gallery and shop. Featuring authentic Australian indigenous art by significant indigenous artists, the gallery deals directly with the artists and their communities.

You can also find for sale didgeridoos, boomerangs, masks, statues and music. Gavala Aboriginal Art Centre, Harbourside, Darling Harbour, Phone 9212 7232 Gavala Aboriginal Art Centre.

Boomalli Gallery

Boomalli Gallery delivers a regular exhibition program highlighting urban Aboriginal contemporary arts to regional, national and international audiences. As well as a full exhibition schedule, Boomalli provides a commissioning service and advises artists on such collaborations. Phone: +061 2 9560 2541. Gallery: 55 - 59 Flood Street Leichhardt, Sydney.

Muru Mittigar

Muru Mittigar provides you with the opportunity to participate and interact with members of the local Aboriginal community. This is achieved by the educational and enriching cultural activities that they offer. Traditional Aboriginal dancing, Aboriginal Art, a Cultural Museum and lessons in Didjeridoo and Boomerang Throwing are some of the features. Phone: +61 2 47 292 377 Muru Mittigar.

New South Wales


Located in Tamworth NSW, here Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Artists have joined together to form this co-operative, featuring upcoming and established artists. Phone: 61 2 6761 3321 Gamilarart.

Umbarra Cultural Centre

Umbarra Cultural Centre, 375 km south of Sydney near Bermagui, gives visitors the chance to learn about the Yuin Aboriginal people. The centre runs guided 4WD tours to local sacred sites at Gulaga (Mount Dromedary) and Biamanga (Mumbulla Mountain).

A boat cruise on beautiful Wallaga Lake reveals many significant sacred sites, including shell middens and Merriman’s Island. Umbarra Cultural Centre.

Tobwabba Art Gallery and Studio

Tobwabba Art Gallery and Studio is an Aboriginalowned and operated art gallery and studio in Forster, near Port Stephens, 304 km northeast of Sydney. It displays work mainly produced by members of the Wallamba people. Merchandise ranges from jewellery, T-shirts and sarongs to boomerangs, didgeridoos and music sticks. Tobwabba Art Gallery and Studio.

Biame Art Gallery

Biame Art Gallery, based at Hunter Valley Gardens in Pokolbin, 162 km north of Sydney, sells authentic traditional and contemporary arts and crafts made by high profile Aboriginal artists from across Australia as well as locals the Hunter Valley Region. The shop is located in The Village, a small collaboration of retail outlets. Biame Art Gallery.

Harry Nanya Tours

Harry Nanya Tours is an accredited Australian Aboriginal-owned and operated multi-award winning business, running half day, full day and overnight tours to Mungo National Park, 1050 km southwest of Sydney. The qualified guides belong to the local Barkindji people who have passed down their history and legends from generation to generation. Harry Nanya Tours.

NSW National Parks

A growing number of NSW National Parks and Reserves are being successfully preserved with co administration from the NSW government and Aboriginal Tribal Councils. There are Discovery Tours available, including the Aboriginal Discovery Program, giving you further chances to learn about Aboriginal Culture and Heritage.

Photo on the Top of Page: Guided tour of Aboriginal art with Badger Bates, Mutawintji National Park, Outback NSW. Badger Bates is a Broken Hill artist, Aboriginal Elder and Senior Archeological Officer for the NPWS, Broken Hill.

Call the National Parks Centre for more info at 1300 361 967. See more about NSW National Parks Tourist Information and about the National Parks and reserves in the Sydney Region Sydney Parks Tourist Information.

Supporting Aboriginal Artists

Please support Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait artists by purchasing only genuine original art, indicated by label.

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Melbourne Travel

Melbourne Australia Best Places to Visit
Melbourne Victoria, on the south coast of Australia has a cosmopolitan and vibrant atmosphere - a sophistication and sense of history not seen, at least to the same degree, in other Australian cities.
Melbourne is definitely a city worth exploring - it is Australia’s events capital, its sporting hub and its cultural heartland, home to great theatre, music, nightlife and restaurants. Peel back the layers to uncover a place that’s constantly on the move - from the ever-changing bar scene to a non-stop rollcall of international events.

It is said people here are a little more snobby, but its probably they have a better sense of dress and are more in touch with fashion. You can find great clothes designers, shoes and accessories here.

Melbourne Fashion

Melbourne is a treat for those interested in culture, entertainment, great Australian wines, festivals and fine dining restaurants.

Even the cafes and smaller eateries outdo each other, from the small bakery cafes to the fantastic family run dining cafes, serving authentic Thai, Italian, Greek and foods from over a hundred countries.

Melbourne Surrounds

Not far from the city, Victoria being such a compact state, are places to visit that offer history, from scenic small wineries and villages to the rural cities that thrived during the Gold Rush era.

The road to Melbourne is spectacular no matter which direction you approach the city. There is a route through the rugged Australian Alps; as well as the Princes Highway seaside route from Sydney, passing beautiful sandy beaches, national parks and coastal resorts.

The Hume Highway, from Canberra and Sydney, is lined with vineyards and fine wineries. From Adelaide, along the Great Ocean Road provides a showcase for some of Australia’s most dramatic scenery.

Visit Melbourne and Victoria! Youl’l love it!

Description: View from High Street, Northcote - Melbourne Australia CBD.

Hotels in Melbourne Australia

You can find places to stay in throughout Melbourne Australia: luxury resorts and hotels to scenic campsites in Caravan Parks. Accommodation available includes a wide range of styles to suit almost any budget.

There are even Melbourne seaside resorts, conveniently located hotels, bed & breakfasts near the beach or in the city center or suburbs, caravan parks, serviced apartments and holiday homes.

The Place Of Sydney To Visit

Places of interest to go see and visit. Central Sydney CBD (Central Business District) Inner West Sydney, South Western Sydney, Western Sydney, Airport & Southern Sydney, The Hills to Hawkesbury Valley, Northern Suburbs & Beaches, Macarthur Region, Sydney City, East and other Sydney Suburbs to Visit.

See the Sydney Tourist Maps.

School Holidays: For the children, there are places in Sydney that have plenty of activities and other things to do during the School Holidays. There are beaches in Sydney that are close, such as Bondi, Bronte and Coogee as well as further north and south.

Sydney Shopping

Places to Shop are ever popular, including in the city center but also in the easily accessible suburbs such as Parramatta and Chatswood. See Sydney Shopping.

Sydney CBD Places (Inner City)

From Chinatown to Circular Quay, the Sydney CBD (Central Business District)is filled with things to do and see. See Sydney Places to Go.

Sydney CBD
Sydney City Map
Sydney Landmarks
Chinatown - Map
Sydney Airport - Map
Sydney Beaches

See more about finding a great beach along the Sydney coast Sydney Beaches. There are numerous beaches in Sydney while a scenic ferry ride from the city at Circular Quay gets you to Manly Beach.

The Royal National Park, history, swimming, surfing and hiking at the Cronulla Beaches.

Bondi Beach

Home to the one of the world’s oldest surf life saving clubs, Bondi Beach is the closest beach to the Sydney city centre (8kms).

Bondi Beach
Bondi Attractions
Manly Beach and the Sydney Northern Beaches

The city’s Seaside Resort, Manly Beach.

Manly Beach
Manly Beach Map
Sydney Northern Beaches
Sydney Northern Beaches Map
Sydney Harbour

Take a cruise, travel to Sydney outer parts on a ferry, tour one of the many islands, or just laze on a Sydney Harbour beach. See more about Sydney Harbour Cruises, Attractions - Places to Visit.

Inner City Suburbs

For those exploring greater Sydney, Newtown, Glebe, Paddington, Darlinghurst and Kings Cross are all suburbs close to the city and within easy reach.

Sydney Chinatown
Glebe Sydney
Kings Cross Sydney
Newtown Sydney
Oxford St, Darlinghurst Sydney
Paddington Sydney
The Rocks

As the landing place of 1400 men, women and children in 1788 (over half being convicts) The Rocks provide a fascinating look at Australian history.

The Rocks
The Rocks Attractions
Map of The Rocks
The Rocks 1855 Map
Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour boasts some of Australia’s finest museums and entertainment facilities as well as being a well known conference and exhibition centre. Just a 10 to 15 minute walk west of the Sydney city centre. There is also a light rail service from Central Station and Haymarket, as well as the monorail operating from stations in the city.

Darling Harbour
Darling Harbour Attractions
Darling Harbour Map
Sydney Outer Suburbs

City North Sydney

The northern region extends all the way to Manly, Pittwater, Port Hacking, Newcastle and to the wine growing region of the Hunter Valley.

Sydney North
North Attractions

Known for its historic colonial buildings, Parramatta also has a number of excellent restaurants and shopping.

Parramatta Attractions
Penrith Valley

Penrith Valley, about an hour from the Sydney city centre, is a city of open spaces and rural scenery with a stunning river and the spectacular Nepean Gorge, all at the foot of the Blue Mountains National Park.

Penrith Attractions
Penrith Map
Sutherland Shire

Sutherland Shire in South Sydney has the beautiful Cronulla Beaches and is close to four National Parks, yet easily accessed from Sydney City Central.

Sutherland - South Sydney
Cronulla Beaches
Sutherland - South Sydney Map
South West Sydney

On the way to Wollongong and the south coast, the South West of Sydney, also known as the Macquarie Region, has country living at Camden only some 50 kms from the city center. Campbelltown has numerous historical buildings, each with their own story to tell.

Campbelltown NSW
Camden Sydney
Greater Sydney Map
Outer Sydney Surrounds

Nearby outer places of interest to see, go and visit. See also Sydney Surrounds and Sydney Suburbs.

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains offer Sydney’s most spectacular views and great walks in the bush.

The Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains Attractions
Blue Mountains Map
Central Coast Destinations

Within 3 hours drive, a great place for National Parks, boating, fishing and white sandy beaches - Visit the NSW Central Coast.

NSW Central Coast
Central Coast Map
Hunter Valley Destinations

The Hunter Valley is Australia’s oldest wine growing region. Also features some of the finest gourmet dining to be found anywhere in the state of NSW.

The Hunter Valley
Hunter Valley Map
Sydney Wine Tasting Tours
Coast of New South Wales Destinations

Central Coast NSW

Just north of Sydney lies the Central Coast of NSW. Although not far, it has some stunning scenery and great beaches. There are luxury resorts to caravan parks set in wonderful locations for families and everyone else who wants to escape busy Sydney.

North Coast NSW

Further north from the Central Coast, if you want long pristine beaches that seem to stretch forever, crystal clear streams in lush pastures, towering forests blanketing mountain ranges - Visit the NSW North Coast.

NSW North Coast
Map of East Coast NSW
North Coast Map NSW
Mid North Coast Map NSW
Far North Coast Map NSW
South Coast of NSW

Quaint villages nested on beaches by crystal-clear waters. Enjoy the beaches and lush bushlands as well as fine gourmet dining, art galleries, craft and antique shops, fishing and sports of the South Coast.

South Coast of NSW
South Coast NSW Map
Places in New South Wales Destinations

With so many tourists and business visitors coming to Sydney every year, few realise the joys of visiting the rest of this spectacular state of New South Wales NSW.

New South Wales
NSW Attractions
NSW Museums
NSW Maps
Places in Australia Tourist Destinations

Find places of interest and popular Australia tourist destinations, hotel and other accommodation, Australia tours, packages, restaurants, shopping, attractions, museums and information about Australia.

Australia Places to Visit
Australia Places of Interest
Melbourne Australia Best Places to Visit
NSW Aboriginal Tours, Art Galleries and Cultural Centres

Photo: Circular Quay and The Rocks, where Australia began as a Nation.

Places to Stay

You can find world class hotels to trendy backpackers in Australia. Bed and Breakfast, holiday apartment and home rentals are becoming increasingly popular as well.

parliamentary triangle in canberra

Canberra - Being the Capital of Australia, Canberra has wonderful monuments, national buildings and a number of major attractions that make for a memorable visit to this city, not only for Australians but all world visitors.

Lake Burley Griffin

Centered around Lake Burley Griffin (Named after the designer of Canberra, Walter Burley Griffin), Capital Hill with Parliament House occupies the main apex of a triangle.

Parliament House: You can visit here, see where the politics of the Australian federal government are played out and see some deeply historic displays, including an authentic copy of the Magna Carta.

The other two corners are occupied by the Australian American Memorial, built to commemorate the alliance between the countries during WWII, while the other is a landscaped garden circle with the Australian Capital Territory flag, symbolizing the independence of the self governence of the ACT.

National Library of Australia

Just to the south, on the other side of Lake Burley Griffin, is the National Library of Australia and not far from there, in a clean line of sight from Parliament House is the Old Parliament House.

The older Parliament House was used till 1988 and built in 1927, when it was replaced by the new Parliament House in 1988. This historic building is now open to the public.

National Art Gallery

The National Art Gallery has one of the foremost collections of Australian art in the world. Not only does it have Aboriginal and colonial art, it also houses an extensive collection of European artworks.


Questacon, a great place for kids and adults as well, is dedicated to the sciences and technology. With exhibitions and lots of hands on interactive displays, it is not only informative but a lot of fun.

On the opposite side of Lake Burley Griffin, there is Bludnell’s Cottage, built in 1858. Here, you can experience what life was like in the remote wilderness of the early colony of New South Wales.

see and visit australia with our family

Amongst the many places of interest to visit in Australia, being such a vast continent, planning your travel routes and places to stay was a real challenge prior to the digital age.

Australian Capital Territory ACT

The capital of Australia has not only national monuments, attractions and museums as places of interest, but also grand national parks to explore that are within easy reach of Canberra. See more about the ACT.

New South Wales NSW

New South Wales, with Sydney as its capital, continues to attract millions of visitors every year. The state has deserts in the far west, stunning national parks and charming places along the coast to visit. Stunning beaches line the coast, the snowy mountains in the south offer alpine vistas and winter snow sports. See more about New South Wales.

Northern Territory NT

The Northern Territory has the Red Centre of Australia, with Uluru being an iconic desert natural wonder and the mystifying Kata Tjuta, previously called the Olgas. To the north of the state, at the Top End, World Heritage Areas including Kakadu and Litchfield. See NT Map. More NT.

South Australia SA

South Australia offers much more than just beautiful opals and great wines. The Adelaide Hills are renowned for their natural beauty, while the Eyre Peninsula has some of the most beautiful accessible coastal scenery of the state. The Murray river meanders to the ocean through splendid Australian scenery, filling beautiful lakes, billabongs and lush wetlands along the way. More about SA - Adelaide Australia.

Tasmania TAS

This island state, Tasmania, has huge national parks. More than a third of Tasmania is protected in state reserves, national parks and World Heritage Sites. This natural areas are great attractions for visitors from both Australia and overseas. More about TAS.

Queensland QLD

The sunny state, Queensland has one the great natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef. Yet, there is even more to explore here, islands, sub-tropical cities and towns and sweeping ocean vistas and long sandy beaches.

Queensland’s tropical climate itself is an attraction, other places to see here include of the Barrier Reef, but also Cairns, which is a popular jump off point for those wanting to explore the reef, as are towns along the coast including Mackay, Rockhampton and Townsville. Further south are Brisbane and the Gold Coast. See QLD.

Victoria VIC

Victoria, although the smallest state, has a wealth of places to go and grows great wines and has a great alfresco/cafĂ© culture to match that of Europe. Its stunning national parks preserve some of the most wonderful pristine areas of the world, while Melbourne is considered to be Australia’s Food Capital. See VIC.

Western Australia WA

Growing in popularity with overseas visitors, Western Australia, occupying over two and a half million square kilometres (1 million sq. miles) of land mass has a huge diversity of natural landscapes and wonders. From the tropical sunsets of Broome, to the deep gorges and waterfalls of Karajini, from the great desert regions, to the stunning coastal vistas, backed by the deep forests and fertile fields of the south west. More about WA.

Wine From Sydney

Hunter Valley Wineries

Hunter Valley Wine Tasting Tours. Only a two hour drive from Sydney is the Hunter Valley - famous as Australia’s oldest wine growing region.

Late January to late March is the harvest season, but there are things to do the year round and plenty of cellar doors to visit for tastings, even buy a case or two.

See more about this wine growing region in Australia Hunter Valley tourist information NSW.


The Cessnock Information Centre is an excellent place to start, it provides information for the many wineries operating here and can arrange bookings for such diverse activities available in the Hunter as ballooning, tours and horse riding.

Cessnock Information Centre: Phone (02) 4990 4477.


The many varieties grown here include superb Semillon, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. Wyndham Estate, Tyrrell’s Vineyards, Rosemount Estate, Peppers Creek, Lindemans, Lake’s Folly and Farrell’s Wines are amongst the many esteemed wineries operating here.

Most of the cellar door tastings are free, even large groups can be accommodated if you book in advance. There are tours available for the Rothbury Estate, McWilliams Mt Pleasant Estate and Tyrells, showing you some of the finer points of wine making.

Hunter Wine Regions

Connected by the Hunter River, there are two distinct regions, the Lower and the Upper Hunter. In the lower Hunter area there is also the registered wine sub-region of Broke Fordwich.

The Hunter has many other things to offer such as horseriding and ballooning, and of course gourmet restaurants befitting such a renowned wine area.


With the many winery tours available from Sydney, you don’t even have to drive if you don’t want to... so you can savour them for yourself without having to worry about getting home safely.

There are a number of wineries operating around the periphery of Sydney as well. Tours are available for these and the Hunter from Sydney at Circular Quay and places like Newcastle and Gosford.

Things to Do

Check out the Cellars at the many Wineries
Gourmet Picnic from Local Produce
Sampling fine local Cheeses and Chocolates
Horse Riding
See the Weather for Today and Forecasts Hunter Valley Weather.

Dining Restaurants

Combined with the many great restaurants that the Hunter region has to offer, allows you to sample the fresh seafood that Australia is famous for. There are many other delicious cuisines made from locally grown produce, from Italian to Australian Noveau to Japanese.

Some of these restaurants have extensive wine lists spanning many years. At the same time, the Aussie tradition of B.Y.O. (bring your own - wine) gives you another chance to enjoy your choices from the cellar door sales available from the many Hunter Valley wineries.

The Blue Mountains from Australia 2012

Explore the history, the antique and art galleries, Australian bird and wildlife and play at golf courses with spectacular views.

The Blue Mountains offer majestic views and great bushwalk experiences. See the weather for the Blue Mountains, Today and Forecasts Blue Mountains Weather.


When the colony was first founded in 1788 it took many years before a route across the mountains was discovered by the European settlers. Led by William Cox, their explorer party, after listening to the aboriginal’s advice to stick to the ridges found their way to the rich fertile hinterlands.

Things to Do - Families

There are lots of things to do for families such as bush walking and hiking, riding the scenic Zig Zag railway or visiting the World Heritage Plaza at Echo Point with the Skyway cable car and its breathtaking views, as well as the world’s steepest railway. Or pan for gold at Sofala, just west of the mountain range or visit the Hartley Historic Village.

Megalong Valley

You can go horseriding at Megalong Valley or visit the Australian Heritage Centre. Visit Mt. Blackheath with spectacular views of the mountains or enjoy a Devonshire Tea at the Megalong Valley Tearoom.

Hiking (Bushwalking)

There are many different walks of differing length and difficulty available in the Blue Mountains.

Try the Jellybean pool at Glenbrook, a 2km easy walk to go for a swim, or see the South Lawson waterfalls with lots of birdlife and great views, a medium walk of about 150 minutes at Lawson.

There are more than 240,000 hectares of National Park to explore. People do occasionally get lost, so get advice at the one of the visitors centres at the villages and towns in the mountains.

New South Wales Blue Mountains Tours

The local aboriginals, the Gundungarra, Wiradjuri and Dharug tribes, had been traversing the mountains for thousands of years. Blue Mountains Walkabout tour offers a chance for you to experience the local aboriginal culture, education and adventure for yourself.

There are a number of bus tours operating from Sydney offering a wide range of Blue Mountains experiences, including Aboriginal, as well as 4WD adventures.

Accommodation in the Blue Mountains

There are many historic inns and pubs, grand hotels and resorts dating from the 1800’s in the Blue Mountains. There are also caravan parks to modern luxury resort accommodation that offers a variety of stays including backpackers and discount hotels for those wishing to stay longer than a day visit.

You can book hotels and resorts in the Blue Mountains - Blue Mountains Hotel and Travel.

Restaurants and Dining

The fresh mountain air and views can make food taste better! There are plenty of eateries and restaurants dotting the mountains to accommodate even the most discerning palate with almost all cuisines represented here.

The Best Australia Places To Visit - Tourist Guide 2012

Places in NSW

Here are 3 of the most popular places, yet still beautiful, to visit in New South Wales (NSW) after of course, Sydney. Within these regions are also many hidden treasures to explore off the main beaten tracks.

Map of New South Wales

The Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains, NSW - offer Sydney’s most spectacular views and great walks in the bush. Great restaurants, Australian heritage, birdlife and outdoor adventure. More about NSW Blue Mountains. See a Blue Mountains Map.

The Hunter Valley
Hunter Valley NSW - The Hunter Valley is renowned as Australia’s oldest wine growing region with cuisine to match. More about Hunter Valley Wine Tours. Also the Hunter Valley NSW Map.

North Coast NSW

North Coast NSW - Things to do, places of interest. North Coast NSW Getaway Choice Australian getaway from Sydney. Beautiful beaches, sleepy fishing villages on the East Coast of NSW. More about North Coast NSW Getaway. Also map North Coast NSW Map.

See more about New South Wales places NSW Tourist Guide.

Queensland Places of Interest

Gold Coast Surfers Paradise Queensland

Gold Coast Queensland

The Gold Coast Surfers Paradise is very popular for its Queensland beach lifestyle and nightlife the year round. With lots of attractions, activities and things to do.
Capricorn Coast QLD

Beautiful emerald rainforests, sapphire gemfields and the Queensland Great Barrier Reef. See more Capricorn Queensland.

Mackay Region QLD

The beautiful town of Mackay Queensland, surrounded by cane fields, has beautiful beaches and national parks with abundant wildlife, including kangaroos, wallabies and bush turkeys. See more Mackay QLD.

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Places in Victoria

Victoria Maps

Great Ocean Road Victoria

Great Ocean Road & South West Coast - Winding from Geelong to the South Australia border is the Great Ocean Road - See more on The Great Ocean Road.

Goldfields Victoria

Goldfields Victoria - Explore the historic gold towns, take a chance at discovering gold, enjoy great cuisine and see where the armed 1854 Australian Eureka rebellion took place. See about The Victoria Goldfields.

The High Country

Victoria High Country - This beautiful Alpine Region of Victoria has dramatic escarpments, stunning views, snow fields in winter and wonderful heritage to explore. See more on The High Country of Victoria.

Places to See in South Australia

South Australia Maps

Barossa Valley South Australia

The Barossa Valley South Australia offers great wining and dining! Only an hour drive north east from Adelaide one could easily spend a number of days exploring what Barossa Valley has to offer. See more about Barossa Valley SA.

Limestone Coast

The Limestone Coast offers much to the visitor, great wines are grown here and the white sandy beaches, coastal scenery of cliffs and sheltered bays are delightful. See more Limestone Coast South Australia.

Yorke Peninsula

Where sheer cliffs meet the ocean! But a lot more as the Yorke Peninsula is also a place to explore Australia’s Mining Boom and Bust history, deep sea fishing, and white swimming and surfing sandy beaches tucked away amongst the cliffs. More about Yorke Peninsula South Australia.

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